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Walk this way to stamp out the stigma towards mental health

February saw Stamp It Out raise awareness for #TimeToTalkDay - a day where organisations, individuals and communities encourage people to get together to talk about mental health.

To put our own 'stamp' on the day and offer safe spaces for people in County Durham to talk about mental health, we teamed up with Durham County Council Walk Leaders to promote a series of wellbeing walks. The walks took place in a variety of locations and were available to all ages and abilities to take part.

Discover event posters (click slider arrow to view fully).

Our 'Time to Walk, Time to Talk' series was kindly funded from the Together Fund, with a special thanks to County Durham Sport for supporting us to access this funding. These wellbeing walks took place in Wolsingham, Murton and Stanley, with Karen Ray, our Stamp It Out Partnership Manager, and Chris Affleck, our Stamp It Out Partnership Hub Coordinator taking part. It's not too late to try one of these walks for yourself, check out the poster above to see the dates from each location and 'walk this way' to spread positive mental wellbeing.

From Wednesday 1st March, our Stamp It Out Children and Young People Lead will be leading a walk in Stanley with families, and linking in with PACT House for free meals.

See behind the scenes of wellbeing walks across County Durham.

On #TimeToTalkDay, that took place on Thursday 2nd February 2023, the Stamp It Out team attended the Now You're Talking Bishop event. The event was created by Wellbeing for Life, Stamp It Out and Durham County Council, to encourage people from organisations in health, wellbeing and mental health sectors to attend to see how we can work together to boost community resilience in Bishop Auckland. As part of the event, Stamp It Out hosted a stigma workshop. Feedback from the session showed:

  • People are more aware of the impacts of certain words.

  • People have learnt about other organisations in the area, creating new signposting opportunities.

  • People understand we can all be affected by mental health.

  • People who attended were already open to discussing mental health, but will encourage others to do so.

Overall, 75 people attended the event from 24 organisations. The event was a success in connecting people across the area, and we look forward to future events.

Sophie Fenner, Stamp It Out Children and Young People Lead, attended King James Academy to support our Anti-Stigma Ambassadors to deliver an activity for other students over the lunch time periods. Over 250 students engaged with the activity and had conversations around their mental health. We would like to thank everyone at King James Academy for their involvement and taking the time to create and design a conversation wheel that everyone benefitted from.

Students from King James Academy.

For more information on Time to Talk Day, visit here.

Check out our social media campaign for Time to Talk Day below.

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