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‘’Stamp it Out is an exceptional force for change, speaking up loud and proud to end mental health stigma. When I am here I can be myself; I know I am amongst friends who share a common experience and who always have my back. Living silently with depression makes you feel so alone. Finding spaces where you're able to speak about it is like someone turning the lights on. I talk about my lived experience now so that people can see that there is hope and opportunity.

We've seen great change already, but there are still many misconceptions about mental ill-health and we have to keep on building our campaign to reach further into our communities’’.

Interested in becoming an Anti-Stigma Ambassador?

If you enjoy sharing, teaching or adopting our messages, you could be the perfect

Anti-Stigma Ambassador! Visit our ASA page for more information!

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Want to know more?

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Want to get involved with the activities in communities across County Durham?

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If you are concerned about your own, or a loved ones mental health, please visit our contact page to find suitable helplines to suit your current needs.

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