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Upcoming Campaigns

Time To Talk Day 2024

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Every year the Time To Talk (TTT) Day campaign takes place every first Thursday of February. This year, in 2024, TTT Day lands on the 1st of February and the idea is around highlighting how we hide how we are feeling. When 'asked' how we are doing we often say we are fine, even when we aren't. Mind and their partners came up with 4 hero posters used across their website and for supporter materials to encourage people to talk. 

Now You're Talking Campaign

The “Now You’re Talking” campaign encourages us all to try and open up about our mental health, and to encourage us to talk to someone we may be worried about. Is there someone you trust, who you could talk to if you’re feeling a bit low, anxious or uncertain?

If you are struggling, and need support, you can access a variety of mental health support for adults, across County Durham, below.

Rainbow Guides - Support for Children & Young People


We all have emotions and feelings, but sometimes children and young people can find it difficult to manage these emotions.

If you are a young person, or know a young person struggling, please see the following Rainbow Guide to find support and advice in your local area.

Durham Mental Wellbeing Alliance

In 2021, Durham County Council decided to commission a new collaborative approach to a range of support services including prevention, early identification and recovery support for people who are experiencing mental health issues. This collaborative approach is known as an ‘Alliance’ where a number of providers pool together their skills, knowledge and resources for the benefit of people in County Durham and aim to provide an improved streamlined service.

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