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Get involved in our Research Project!

Have you ever thought about self-stigma?

What does it mean to you? How are we impacted by it? What behaviours is it driving? What support is available for people? Are they keen to take it?

Stamp It Out (SIO)# took on an exciting opportunity to take a lead on a mental health self-stigma research project and have a closer look at this topic.

Why this project?

We have evidence suggesting that mental health #stigma may hinder people from accessing formal mental health support.

We also know that social support has been identified as a factor that may protect people from mental health stigma. It can help those who need to access formal support at times of need.

Our intention is to find out what aspects of social support may be helpful in reducing mental health related stigma and supporting people to access formal support for their mental health, when necessary.

Who is involved?

We are conducting the research in collaboration with Investing in Children, The Pioneering Care Partnership, Waddington Street Resource Centre, and the University of Northumbria at Newcastle.

What are the stages?

  • Data collection about self-stigma to understand what impact it has on people

  • Asking project participants about the resources we currently use. Which ones make an impact? Which ones are the most helpful?

  • Creation of a behaviour change model that we will be able to use to support people with mental health difficulties.

To find out more, watch our video or please get in touch. We will keep our social media channels updated on our progress!

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