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Creative Ways to #BreaktheStigma

The aim of Stamp it Out County Durham is to end mental health stigma and discrimination for all. We want to challenge negative behaviours, and create a happier, more accepting community - but we need your help!

Over on our Resources page of the Hub of Positivity website, we've created lots of brilliant resources that can be used in a range of different social settings. From pub quizzes to flash mob guidance, we want you to feel prepared to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination in any situation.

We want you to join our team and get creative! Take a look at our resources as inspiration to create your own, and we'll share them on the Stamp It Out website! Together we can #StampItOut!

Here's a list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Posters

  • Design Stamp It Out merchandise

  • Stamp It Out board game

  • Create a catch phrase, song or poem

  • Conversation ice breakers about mental health

  • Creatively share your story, and encourage others to do the same

  • Create new missions for the Anti-Stigma Kid

Ready to share your talent with us? Contact Stamp It Out to submit your ideas, we can't wait to hear from you!

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