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Stamp It Out 
County Durham

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Mental Health Anti-Stigma & Discrimination Campaign.


Who we are & what we do

Stamp It Out are led by people with lived experience with mental health issues and work in partnership with groups, organisations and communities using our action plan around events throughout the year. We use Social Contact conversations and various resources to address barriers, especially around stigma and discrimination. We promote and educate the public to raise awareness across County Durham.

Our Causes

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What is Stigma
& Discrimination?

Do you know the difference between stigma and discrimination? Find out how we have challenged attitudes and made County Durham a more understanding community.

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Interested in creating your own mental health lesson or event? Click below to find many fun and interesting resources to aid education!


How can you


Want to know more? We'd love for you to join our team!

Stigma & Discrimination

‘’The impact of Stigma – your attitude to mental health can change someone’s life. Attitudes of others stop people getting the help and support they need around their mental health’’.

“For me it's about changing attitudes. It's not about forceful challenge - it's about positive activity towards recognition, acceptance and inclusion of difference. You can't understand what you don't know!  Stop fear and guilt and sensationalism and provide listening and story platforms towards acceptance of each other.”


‘‘Too many are made to feel isolated, ashamed and worthless – everyone should be free of fear, have equal opportunities and be able to be more open about their mental health illness, condition or issues’’.

General enquiries
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