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The Next Step in our Training Programme

Today is the beginning of #MHAW, the perfect time to let you know we're taking our training up a notch!

We’re excited to launch the next step in our Anti-Stigma Ambassador training programme, with our brand new workshop… “Speaking Out: using lived experience to bring about behaviour change”.

Following on from the Challenging Stigma & Discrimination and Social Contact sessions, this third instalment helps Ambassadors to further develop their skills and confidence to share their own personal lived experience story.

Our vision is to have a cohort of Ambassadors who will take a lead on speaking out, supported by the learning and development that Stamp It Out offers. The workshop will explore the basics of story-telling, build an understanding of the impact we can all have on behaviour change and enable Ambassadors to prepare and practice delivering their personal story in a safe and supportive environment.

We will begin rolling this workshop out during the summer of 2022 and will be offering places to Ambassadors who have completed the Social Contact training. Stay up to date with our website for dates, sign up opportunities and more information about Stamp It Out!

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