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School training offer update

If you would like to have a better understanding of #stigma and #discrimination we can help!

We provide a range of workshops where in a safe, comfortable space you can learn more about these topics. If you feel passionate about addressing mental health related barriers and challenge negative behaviours, our workshops are a great start to give you the right tools.

Primary training offer - Catchgate

In the last Newsletter you would have seen we were preparing for piloting our primary training offer. The training offer was piloted at Catchgate primary school on 14th October with a year 4 class and this was very successful with both the children and the staff. At the end of the workshop the children gave their pledges and highlight from the training “I enjoyed not having to write anything down!”.

SIO will be going back into Catchgate primary school to look at any work they have produced, give out “I am an Anti-Stigma Kid” badges and to give out SIO capes to the children to wear.

SIO would like to give a big shout out to Catchgate Primary School staff and children for all of their help with co-developing this training offer. The feedback SIO got from developing the training from the children was really positive… including “it’s like children teaching children” and “It feels like we are on the telly”.

We are overjoyed the children enjoyed the experience of creating the offer but also participating in the session itself. We aim to get this offer into other primary schools across County Durham.

Training offer in secondary school

Alongside piloting the primary offer, SIO also delivered the Young People’s offer at King James Secondary School. This was delivered in front of 14 young people that have all been affected by mental health one way or another in their lives. The session was very well engaged with by the students and the students had shown an interest in being involved with Stamp It Out/Investing in Children to help with other work/ projects.

Following from the training, the teachers got in touch with SIO for a follow up focus group to involved the young people that were involved in the training. This is an opportunity for young people to review and refresh our resources.

Flexible approach to training

Although our training is structured, we are open to conversation, and we can tailor it based on audience. If you are interested, please get in touch and we are happy to discuss the details.

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